Dry Whole Milk - National
MD DA710 Dry Whole Milk - National                               

MADISON, WI.  September 14, 2017 (REPORT 37)                     

DRY WHOLE MILK - NATIONAL                                        

In the United States, dry whole milk f.o.b. prices are steady to 
lower on light trading. A few spot transactions pulled down the 
top value of the range. At this point, national dry whole milk 
prices are below WMP premiums from the European Union. This could 
represent an opportunity to increase the participation in the 
offshore market for some domestic traders/manufacturers. Back to 
the U.S., the usage of dry whole milk to process cocoa mix is 
expected to increase in the short term, according to some 
processors. The domestic market is mostly in balance. Dry whole 
milk production is active while inventories are generally 
available for spot and contract needs. 
F.O.B. PRODUCING PLANT:         1.4000 - 1.5500                  

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